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Waterfall, salmons and seal observations

A hike to discover the secrets of Kongsfjorddalen

5 Hours

6 Km.

Medium level

From 10 of july to 30 of august

Fossvatna and Buetjernet + barbecue

Minibus trip uo to Kongsfjorddalen with hicking down to the fjord bottom. Stop at the waterfall and the salmon stairs, where we will experience to see salmons jumping.

Drive further up to Buetjernet, where the outlet from the power station now provides the water flow to Kongsfjordelva. From here we look further up Gednjedalen and toward Kongsjordfjellet. On the walk down to the fjord bottom, we get closer to birds and seals on the fjord.

Along the way, traces of human activity can be seen dating back to prehistoric times. As a rule, we get time for bonfires and good stories on the trip.

Price per person

Price: 700 NOK per person (min 3 people)

Price for 2 people: 900 NOK per person

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gray seal

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